Commitment to Sustainability

ES&C is committed to operating in a manner that promotes sustainability.  ES&C recognizes the responsibility of the company to minimize or eliminate the environmental impacts inherent to the functions of business.  Wherever feasible, ES&C will take the following steps to ensure that local and global environmental quality is not sacrificed or diminished:


  • Reduce resource consumption by conserving and efficiently using supplies for the office, field, and laboratory.
  • Reuse and recycle all applicable materials not relegated for destruction or landfill.
  • Decrease overall environmental impact by purchasing substances and materials with low toxicity and short biodegradation periods.
  • Reduce energy usage through employee awareness and the use of efficient appliances.
  • Remain engaged and flexible in order to adapt to changes in the knowledge base of environmental problems and solutions.
  • Lead by example in the interest of influencing other businesses and individuals to adopt sustainable practices.


ES&C encourages all employees to conduct their lives, at home and at work, in a style that aligns with the environmental mission of the company.  Employees may speak to a manager or the owner if they wish to address any environmental concerns.

go green NRV Logo  ES&C is a proud member of go green NRV.  Visit them online at www.gogreennrv.org